The Wolves of Brandenburg

Session Five

Black Out; December 1920

In December 1920 the Allied Control Commission finally seized Erwin’s plane as war reparations in fulfillment of the Treaty of Versailles. Flying had been one of Erwin’s few pleasures, and he bitterly resented the intrusion of the Allied commissioners.

The first moot of winter saw the challenge between the Sea Wolf and Fisheater. The Master of Challenge, Strong Counsel, felt both sides were petty and decided their challenge would be decided before the moot. The two would wrestle in homid form, and the first to throw out the other of the ring would enjoy the services of the other for the time of a complete cycle of the moon. The Sea Wolf initially showed more skill and strength against the younger Garou, but Fisheater triumphed at the end to the joy of the Get of Fenris.

The moot then proceeded, but there were some rumblings upon seeing that while the Sea Wolf participated in the moot that once again his packmate Erwin sullenly refused offers to involve himself more in its operation and content to merely attend and observe.

The real social highlight for Erwin was attendance of a special party hosted by his father at the family estate, although even here he had to be prodded by his packmate Otto. Erwin tried to be on best behavior and exerted his will against the Beast, quelling it enough to mitigate the worse of the Curse. He met various of his father’s friends as well as three young ladies his mother-in-law was obviously trying to match him with.

The party was obviously not his father’s idea, and the pack paid attention to Wolf Stoller, a banker who seemed to be the real organizer of events. However, before they could unravel the mystery, Erwin’s sister Mina finally arrived completely drunk and scandalizing the family. Erwin and Otto managed the situation to Erwin’s father content earning the rare praise of the family patriarch. Erwin himself felt some shame at his own behavior towards his sister, showing both the Beast and too much of his father’s own personality. Mina woke the next day without any memory of the night’s events, having suffered a black out from the sheer amount of alcohol she drunk.

The next day saw the men leave for a boar hunt, and Otto ingratiated himself with the group. The night ended though with the surprise arrival of a wolf bursting through the living room window. Quickly organizing a hunt, Alois von Geisthart lead the party and shot the wolf (actually a wolf-dog), but not before Otto and Erwin had managed to approach it and speak to it. The wolf-dog seemed to know of Erwin and cryptically hinted it wanted to speak to him before it bolted and was shot by Erwin’s father.

Erwin and Otto finally left the Geisthart estate with more questions than they had when they arrived.



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