The Wolves of Brandenburg

Session One

The Watchers in the Sky; Spring 1920

On March 12 the pack was to gather at the town of Luckenwalde. They were invited there by the Garou Dragongold who lived there in his guise among the Flock. He was concerned of this young pack of Cliath, like him, claiming territory for their pack in the vicinity of his home. However, the Jaegermesiter pack would have a series of encounters that morning that would distract them.

Annelise Standing Stone discovered one of her patients had a bizarre facial tic. While the other nurses and staff at the hospital believed it was a side effect of a stroke, she found evidence that suggested it was more like an infection from strange black birds. Erwin saw similar birds while flying towards Berlin as the mysterious flock formed into a strange twisting spiral formation. His compass, altimeter, and watch began going haywire as another flock smashed into his plane engine, causing a descent from which Erwin recovered and landed. Intrigued, he pulled one of the bird cadavers to show his pack later, feeling this was no natural occurrence. Lastly, Olav had a cryptic vision from an Ancestor Spirit that revealed there were strange birds that had appeared before and were now back again. These flocks of birds appeared to be watching – what and why were unknown.

Kapp-Putsch_Marine-Brigade_Erhardt.jpgThe pack met at the Landgasthof Kramer, and over dinner with Karl Dragongold they discussed the mystery of the black birds. Feeling that local folklore may have reported past appearances, they decided to break into the Elsthal Library and research the archives for clues. After many hours, they had collected enough information to form a lead to the small village of Waldheide. However, the pack fled Luckenwalde soon after by discovering that armed men of the Freikorps Gesithart had occupied the town as part of the Kapp Putsch against the democratic government in Berlin of “November Criminals”.

Disdaining involvement in affairs of the Flock, the pack continued its investigation. Returning to the hospital, they discovered Annelise’s patient had died over night, but that his corpse left a black stick fluid. When a flock of the black birds took over, the pack pursued and followed them to a copse outside Waldheide.

Erwin talked with some animals, learning that they avoided certain animals and humans who had “the sickness”. An owl, fearful of this strange wolf, agreed to show him some who had the sickness if he promised he and the other wolves would not kill and eat him. They were lead to a house near a sheep pen and the village pub and inn.

Annelise stole some clothes from a house a mile away and returned so that she, Otto, and Erwin entered the pub as travellers. There they observed several villagers showing signs of Wyrm taint, and paid for rooms for the night. Olav remained outside in lupus looking for appearance of obvious Wyrm creatures. Eventually the villagers retired to home, and the pack began culling the town of its Wyrm creatures, specifically some sheep showing the taint.

The pack also investigated the shepherd’s house, but found nothing. They merely knocked him out so he would not wake up to discover them, and hoped to frame it that he fell out of bed. But at midnight, they noticed a young girl of sixteen heading towards a strange flat stone in the woods. They prevented her from slitting her wrists, and determined the stone must be a source of the Wyrm activity. They returned her home before going back to bed.

When the pack awoke the next morning, the villagers had called a council at the local Lutheran church about the theft and killing of the sheep. During the discussion, multiple villagers talked about the various strange disturbances the town had witnessed over the past several months including the strange black birds, mysterious lights in the night sky, and strange chantings after midnight. It was only these strange acts in the past which likely caused the villagers to not accuse the three Garou of these crimes. The town meeting revealed much to the Garou.

watchers.gifThe pack determined that a Wyrm cult existed in the village and would meet at the old stables. The Galliard Erwin talked with the horses there and confirmed people would meet at the stable at midnight. Erwin convinced the horse to whiney a warning when many people gather at night.

The horse’s cry would not wait long. At midnight, Olav heard the whiney, and the pack approach in the form of Crinos and Hispo. They heard strange chanting that was a mish mash of German, Latin, and other languages – Lutheran Liturgy, nursery rhymes, and songs. On top of the stable and inside its rafters were large numbers of the birds; watching the ceremony. The pack charged into the stable and quickly slew all the humans while the birds scattered.

The pack quickly followed the birds past the flat stone down a hill side where an abandoned quarry stood. Delving into the tunnels, they found an ancient cavern complex. There they fought one of the bird swarms, and in a climactic battle, a formless black inky figure whose tentacled touch seared the flesh of the Garou with its many appendages. The rage of the pack won out, and the Wyrmspawn fell.

Staggered the Garou returned to the surface under the crescent moon. They made their way back to the old stables which they set aflame. Otto then performed the Rite of Cleansing many times as the pack abducted any villagers showing signs of Wyrm taint before returning them back. With their own battles scarred in battle, Otto, Erwin, and Annelise claimed they were abducted at night too, and quickly left the next morning. The pack had won its first battle against the Wyrm together.

The day after, Detective Hans Eichelberger of the Kriminalpolizei (Kripo) arrives in Waldheide. As an officer of the Free State of Prussia’s criminal investigative agency, he must investigate the heinous crime of eight murders and arson in this small Brandenburg village. The eight victims had been horribly mutilated before being burned. The perpetrators are obviously savages of the worst sort. While there, he is given descriptions of the three mysterious strangers who were in town during the murders and were abducted and harmed like several of the villagers. The detective also learns of more petty crimes that occurred around the same time – the theft and killing of several sheep, the possible home assault on the shepherd, and the theft of clothes from a house a mile away.

Over the next several days, the Democratic government, having fled to Stuttgart, called for a General Strike against the coup. All over Germany workers did not go to work. Railroads, power utilities, hotels, and other industries stopped completely. Unable to govern, the Kapp Putsch collapsed, and the democratic government returned to power. However, except for the top coup plotters, no action was taken against those who acted against the government. Control over the courts, police, and military was too weak, and the German democratic government remains weak.



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