The Wolves of Brandenburg

Session Three

Only the Dead are Safe; Summer 1920

782px-PBW_August_1920.pngIt is summer 1920. The Weimar government has returned to Berlin following the Kapp Putsch and governs the Reich uncertainly now that the loyalty of the army cannot be taken for granted. Besides political turmoil at home, the Red Army marches against Poland to seize that part of the former Tsarist Empire. The Red Army’s commander, General Tukhachevsky, issued his order of the day on July 2: “To the West! Over the corpse of White Poland lies the road to worldwide conflagration. March on Vilno, Minsk, Warsaw!” and “onward to Berlin over the corpse of Poland!” Not only Germany, but all of Europe, waits in trepidation to whether Bolshevism will invade central Europe.

The Silver Fang aristocrats of the Green Wood worry over the possible fate of their Kinfolk while Bone Gnawers debate their tribes earlier involvement in Petrograd during the Russian Revolution of 1917. However, the Jaegermeister pack’s attentions are drawn closer to home.

Bruecktal is a small town south of Berlin. The Bruecktal Invalidenanlage is a veterans hospital managed by the Reich Ministry of Labor. Originally a tuberculosis sanitarium, this thirty building complex was taken over by the military as a military hospital for wounded soldiers during the Great War. Since the war’s end, the national government has purchased the site as a permanent home for care of the permanently disabled and other worse case patients that cannot be integrated back into society. In summer of 1920, the Reich Ministry of Labor, recently designated as responsible for care of veterans since the war ended, has been consolidating patients into several central facilities. Bruecktal is one of them.

Annelise Schlegel was transferred there by her nursing agency to assist the facility during this process. While there she became concerned about the intense misery of the patients – the worst of the worst patients in terms of shellshock, poison gas, burn victims, multiple amputees, and brain damage among other maladies. However, it was the appearance of the Black Birds that caused her to contact her Garou pack members.
Hungry Wolf and Sea Wolf arrived since Olav Magnusson was away helping a multi-tribal Garou incursion inside Russia against a vampire plague that formed during the Russian Civil War. Their investigations revealed massive Wyrm presence in the Penumbra at the Bruecktal Invalidenanlage. The pack soon discounted that it was merely the misery of the patients which attracted or fed the Banes, but that there was the present of an obscene death cult at the hospital.

The Wyrm cult was made up of patients and staff at the hospital who worshipped Death in the hope of appeasing him, and could transfer the agony, pain, and hurt from cult members to others. Some seemed to have strange psychic powers, confirming them as Fomori. Confronted that their opponents were blind men, quadruple amputees, and formerly catatonics, the pack sought the wisdom of the Rite Master at their sept for guidance.

The pack then returned to the Penumbra to confront the Bane controlling the cult, a sadistic Psychomachiae haunting a nurse as the spirit of the baby she aborted during the war. Although the pack discorporated the Bane, severed the Wyrm investments in mortals, and seemingly redeemed the nurse who lead the cult; the pack is left with unsettling questions. The area seems to be a portal that leads to the Dark Umbra; a spirit who is not a Bane which seems to haunt the area and interacted with the cul; and various misguided members of the cult are known to still live. Whether these will be ongoing concerns of the Jaegermeister pack remains open.



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