The Wolves of Brandenburg

Session Two

Family Revelations; April 1920

The pack was congratulated by the sept for their victory over the Wyrm at Waldheide, but the caern’s elders felt the Theurge and Galliard should have shown more wisdom and respect for the Litany in their handling of events. Because of the potential damage to the Veil because of the police investigation of the “Waldheide massacre”, the members of the pack lost three Temporary Honor each and were forbidden to attend the caern for the next three months. Despite this, the sept encouraged the Jaegermeisters to continue their scouring of their territory of the Wyrm.

Erwin von Geisthart, Hungry Wolf to his friends, was surprised when Otto told him he overhead several members of the sept refer to Erwin as “Born in the Thrall of the Wyrm”. Obviously, Erwin’s reputation for the events of his First Change has alienated some of the members of the Sept of the Green Wood.

Wayne_Barlowe_Swine-Thing.jpgErwin decided the best thing to do with the time away from the caern was to pursue the mystery of the picture of his mother with the Kaiser mysteriously sent to him. The picture was obviously taken after the supposed death of his mother. He hired the eccentric private investigator Hans Licht to find the death certificate of his mother. Hans reported back that there was no such death certificate, and that all paperwork indicated she was most likely alive.

Erwin asked Otto to come with him to visit his father, the Colonel. Erwin knew his rage might get the better with him. The meeting between Erwin and the Colonel did not go well and ended in acrimony as the Colonel became enraged when Erwin accused him of lying about his mother’s death. Afterwards Erwin took Otto to his aunt and uncle who reacted under the influence of the Curse. Despite this, Erwin learned from his uncle that the family considered his mother to be mentally ill, and that she had abandoned her daughter shortly after death. Despite their best efforts, she was never found.

Erwin retired at that point to consider his next options. Upon return to his estate, he saw evidence of a Wyrm creature, a horrid swine-like creature, having disturbed the area near his home. He tracked it back to a marsh an hour away in lupus form. Erwin and Otto laid an ambush for the creature if it should return. They did, but the creature proved to be quite formidable almost killing both. With Otto incapacitated, Erwin managed to land the killing blow, but only after receiving a battle scar from the beast.



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