Pack Alpha of Rathaus


Alegiver is a middle aged homid Garou of the Get of Fenris tribe. His black hair is full and his eyes are a pale blue. His Pure Breed is as strong as many Silver Fangs, and he displays a natural dominance. Like various Silver Fangs, he is a member of the minor nobility, a Junker. His family owns vast agricultural estates.

Alegiver is an anachronism in the world of the Flock, still clinging to old traditions. Even among the Garou he can seem old fashioned. Alegiver tries to live according to the Germanic chieftains of old; warrior kings who rewarded the companions he lead in battle with wine, women, and song. He actually seems to be good at it too. He dispenses firm, but fair justice.

In lupus form, Alegiver is a beautiful grey wolf, a little larger, stronger, and faster than most.


Alegiver hails from a prominent kinfolk family of the Get of Fenris. They have lived in Havelland for centuries, and he considers the area northwest of Berlin to be not only his tribe’s, but his own family’s personal territory. He formed his pack out of Garou also found in the area with the mission to defend their home and bloodline from the Wyrm.

Historically, Alegiver’s lands are part of the Lakeland Protectorate north of the Havel and Spree Rivers. However, his pack’s territory is actually closer to the caern at the Grunewald. As a result, the pack is a frequent visitor to the Sept especially in the last decade. There is some talk that Alegiver’s pack will switch allegiance. This has caused some concern. Alegiver is still an active and dynamic Garou, close to achieving the Rank of Athro. He would make a natural leader of the Get of Fenris while being acceptable to the Silver Fangs. His judgment is well respected and would make an excellent Master of Challenge and eventual Sept Alpha. Many believe there is a secret conspiracy to bring in the pack to forestall the Glasswalkers of Donnerwetter becoming the future sept leaders.

Alegiver’s kinfolk wife died several years ago. Soon thereafter, a young Silver Fang lady came of age. As means of a political alliance, it was decided the aging Fenris and young Silver Fang would enter an arranged marriage in the eyes of the Flock. It is, of course, a sham since the Litany prohibits such matings. Instead, it was intended as a cover so that both Garou could continue to engage in personal affairs with kinfolk while freeing the lady’s from inconveniences associated with any actual marriage.

Like the PCs, the Rathaus pack are children of Stag, and it is likely they will seek to be on good terms with Stag’s other children.


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