Alois Kurzbein

Annelise's younger brother


Alois is of average height and build with dark hair like his older siblings, and shares his brother’s blue eyes. He is lean and his eyes have a predatory look at times.

Alois is a talented poet and maintains a diary. His father had hopes he would become a famous writer. He is intelligent and well educated like the others in his family, but he has chosen not to attend university to the great anger of his parents. “Germany needs heroes, not book worms,” he explains.

He hangs out with people his family does not approve of.


Alois was born in 1902. Too young to fight in the war, he regrets missing the “excitement”. He idolized his older brother and sister who served during the war. Raised on a steady diet of propaganda, he was shocked when it was announced that Germany had lost the war. He became a believer in the stab-in-the-back legend which blames Germany’s defeats on traitorous socialists and Jews.

Besides missing the war, Alois also missed out on the fighting done in 1919 by the Freikorps. He was able to briefly join one of the units just before the Kapp Putsch, but saw no action. As a young man with no combat training or experience, he has not found any of the surviving units willing to take him on.

Alois no longer lives at home, but no one is quite sure what he does to earn money and survive on his own.

Alois Kurzbein

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