Emil and Luise von Barenberg

Erwin's Aunt and Uncle


An elderly couple. Luise is the older sister of Alois, and Emil is her husband. Emil is a retired judge, but is of good Prussian junker stock like his wife. He was very supportive of Erwin’s hobby of flying; the smile on his face revealed he would have very much like to flown himself if he was younger. Alas, the family has no children of their own.


Emil and Luise are Erwin’s uncle and aunt. They always treated Erwin well and were devastated when they heard he had died over the skies of France. They were greatly relieved when he showed up alive after the war. Luise loves her brother very much, but was not very fond of his wife. She is glad Erwin still lives to carry on the Von Geisthart name.

Emil and Luise von Barenberg

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