Blood Paw

Caern Warder


In the rare times she is in homid form, Blood Paw is a petite young woman still in her teens. She has dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. Although pretty, much of her attraction is the way she carries herself in an ethereal manner. In lupus form, she is a stunning white furred wolf.

Although Blood Paw is a homid, many Garou frequently think she is lupus when they first meet her. She has a strong Primal Urge and seems to prefer to remain in lupus form. As such she is often very playful with other Garou regardless of breed. This sometimes causes people to doubt her expertise as an Ahroun, but she quickly disabuses such notions if challenged. She can instantly change her mien from friendly to hackles raised and back.

Blood Paw does not display much of a human personality, and acts more on her animal instincts. Her packmates are trying to heal any remaining damage from her traumatic First Change.

Sign of the Wolf
Forced Transformation (if sexually aroused)


Blood Paw was previously Katrina von und zu Schonegard, emerging debutante of the Prussian aristocracy. Her kinfolk family knew of their heritage, and even revealed to her quite young that the Baptism of Fire had revealed she was blessed to be Garou. Her upbringing as a sheltered child of aristocracy and romantic stories and fairy tales failed to adequately prepare her for her future life.

When the First Change came, it was a terrible experience that deeply traumatized her. It came suddenly when one of the family servants, brave and very attractive, who had enlisted in the German Army announced his feelings for her before he left for the front and asked for a secret kiss. She agreed, but the deep passion it stirred in her became out of control and in her excitement, she had a panic attack and frenzied, slaying the young lad.

Her human psyche was heavily damaged from her experience with Rage, and for a long time she reverted to a purely animal instinct. Even when other Garou coaxed her again to assume homid form, she barely registers a human personality. Many Garou initially think she is lupus.

Her kinfolk family was aware of her heritage, and has covered up her disappearance. Most of her friends and some family members think she is on extended travel in Scandinavia, or perhaps now that the war is over in the United States of America. It may continue to be a long time before she is sufficiently healed mentally to rejoin human society.

Blood Paw is sufficiently together that she underwent her Silver Fang Rite of Passage. Iron Shield decided he should responsibility for her, and Redrune has taken the Silver Fang ingenue under her wing. Blood Paw is now the pack omega of the Silberjaegers. Despite her damaged pscyhe, she is a capable warrior in lupus form, and Iron Shield arranged for her to remain at the caern as Caern Warder. This was not a popular decision with the Get of Fenris who not only desire the position to be theirs as point of pride, but point out that a Fostern with a mental disorder is not ready for the responsibility.

Blood Paw has surrendered most of her autonomy to her packmates to keep her directed and under control. She is only slowly rebuilding a human personality, and is still prone to revert to her animal instincts.

Blood Paw

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