Reluctant Garou


Karl Hoffman is a short, somewhat stocky man with black hair and brown eyes. He has a somewhat venal presence, but can be very funny and charming. He dresses in fine clothing, but does not always wear them well. His interests lie in the world of the Flock, but he always helps his friends and packmate. Karl sees the world in very much an “us” versus “them” world view. He helps the Garou, but in his own way, and he doesn’t like people trying to command him. Karl enjoys smoking Henry Clay cuban cigars and listening to American jazz. He has cultivated enough Primal Urge to aid his seduction of the ladies. Karl goes by the Garou name of Dragongold for his interest in stealing the wealth of the Wyrm for himself.


Karl Hoffman is a Get of Fenris Ragabash, son of an upper middle class family in Berlin. He was kidnapped when he underwent the First Change and passed his Rite of Passage before the war. Afterwards though, he left active involvement in the Garou Nation to return to his parents and reconciled with them after his “running away.” Making peace with them, he began his studies to become a lawyer and had just entered the profession when the Great War began. He avoided enlisting until he was conscripted in 1916 and became a regimental quartermaster for one of the armies in the Eastern Front. Returning to civilian life, he resumed his legal practice and now lives in the town of Luckenwalde south of Berlin.

He agreed to help the Jaegermeister pack when he heard they were claiming territory near him. Karl is somewhat disreputable to the other Garou, including his tribemates. Although he fulfills all his Garou duties (as he is quick to point out to any critics), he does not seem interested in the war for Gaia, and has been overheard saying that the teachings he listened to as a cub were just elder propaganda. He is packmates with a large, jocular Fenrir Galliard whom he befriended during their rite of passage. The Galliard, Tobias-Speaks-the-Word, studies Garou legends from Sept to Sept and thus is often absent, an arrangement both Garou find mutually beneficial.

Both show an interest in the law; Dragongold being a lawyer among the flock, and Tobias memorizing the Garou law code, the Litany.

In summer 1920, Karl Hoffman was retained as the personal lawyer of both Otto von Schatz and Erwin von Geisthart to handle their mundane legal needs among men.


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