Mannfred Ehrlinger

Loyal Adjutant


Mannfred Ehrlinger is a young man in his mid twenties. Slightly taller than average, he has blue eyes and dark blonde hair. He is courteous and efficient, but a trifle mysterious.


Mannfred Ehrlinger is a veteran of the Great War. Originally from Stettin, his family is of modest middle class status. Mannfred ended his military service as an adjutant to Colonel Alois Von Geisthart when they were assigned to the occupation forces of Ukraine – the Army Group Eichhorn-Kiev – and missed out on the great battles on the Western Front in 1918. After the war, he served in the Freikorps Geisthart and took part in the Kapp Putsch that failed to overthrow the Weimar Republic.

Mannfred is now the head of the Association of Former Geisthart Officers, the social organization for members of the now disbanded Freikorps. Nevertheless, it seems he is now involved in more mysterious ventures of the German far right.

Mannfred seemed to have taken an interest in the son of his old boss. He told Erwin of the new gliding school and factory near Trebbin. Gliders take off from the heights of the Trebbiner Bergen not far from where Erwin lives. Many old fliers of the German air force are taking up gliding after the Treaty of Versailles severely limited German commercial aircraft. Mannfred also seemed intrigue at Erwin’s great rage which slipped in the party at times and invited him to some severe boxing matches and other blood sports, something Mannfred obviously enjoys.

Mannfred Ehrlinger

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