Elf friend

Painter and Poet


Elf Friend, Hilde Bloch to her friends among the Flock, is an average height woman with dark hair and brown eyes. She has very pale skin. She is extremely passionate, and is easily excitable. However, she enjoys her alone time as her hobbies – painting and poetry – are enough to content her. She has strong ties to her Ancestors and often sees visions which fuels her art.

Although she hides, Elf friend has an extremely large scar on the left side of her thigh and torso, a battle scar that has never quite healed.


Hildegard Bloch would be a very sociable person if not for the Curse. She seldom walks among the Flock except in special circumstances. She has had to get used to being called a “bitch” behind her back by both men and women.

Born in Havelland, the Garou Alegiver guided her through her First Change as he did many others.

Elf Friend feels an intense passion for Gaia which helps her justifying her often violent temper and aggression. She is still wary however. The Town Hall pack once held male members in addition to Alegiver, but they have passed onto Valhalla during some terrible battles against the Wyrm.

In her guise among the Flock, Hildegard earns some money as an illustrator, particularly for books on ancient Germanic myths or fairy tales. Her illustrations of elves, fairies, and changelings are quite popular.

Elf friend

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