Romantic Scoundrel


Fisheater is a young, extremely attractive man. He has fine hair and brown eyes. He is very lean, but muscular. He has a naturally charming personality, but is still working on his technique. Not quite unctuous, he is very likable. Many females would call him dashing. When he is seen alone – which is not often, he seems to be very deep in thought.

His wolf form is sleek and seems nervous.


Oskar Schultz is Fisheater or Otter, whichever you prefer. As a young cub, he would spend his days in lupus form by the river, greedily eating fish, hence his name. As he grew older, his good looks and ambition marked him as a male of good breeding.

During his rite of passage, he did not seem eager to fight directly, but preferred the ambush and fighting with his pack. Perhaps he was not the bravest, but he certainly knew how to go in for the kill. For a Ragabash, it was enough even for the Fenrir.

Many expected Fisheater to start his own pack with other young Garou, but instead he chose to join the Herrenbode path and has grown close to Serpentbraid who acts as his mentor as well as pack leader.


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