Uncle Franz

Ancestor Spirit


Great Uncle Franz is an ancestor spirit of the Silver Fangs. He appears tall, burly, and bearded. The edges of his beard seems to bristle with silver hair.

Silver Fangs usually portray the bearing of refined nobility, but not Uncle Franz. He routinely badgers, yells, and scares his targets. Great Uncle Franz always seems angry and pissed off when he appears, usually berating the Garou for a real or perceived error. However, he usually seems to give some advice or gift to help them.

He yells because he cares.


Generation of the Von Schatz family talk about their “great uncle” although where exactly he fits into the family tree has always been puzzling. More than a few kinfolk and Garou remember an old uncle who was around when they were very young, but no adult has ever actually remembered encountering him. Shortly after his Rite of Passage, Otto von Schatz learned the truth: Great Uncle Franz is an ancestor spirit.

Unlike most Ancestor spirits, he seems to be fairly active in the lives of the Von Schatz. He is not content to be merely summoned, but seems to be trying to poke and prod the family along.

Uncle Franz

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