Groundskeeper of Herrenbode


Gamekeeper is a tall, burly man with thick sausage hands. His voice is deep and rich. Although kind and polite, he is naturally intimidating due to his great size and a certain look in his eyes whenever he sees something he disapproves. If the Herrenbode pack needs someone to be roughed up, Gamekeeper is the one to do it. In December 1920, Gamekeeper challenged to be recognized as the Rank of Adren. He still needs to complete the challenge.

In lupus, he is an equally large, hulking grey wolf with white paws. When he was a younger Garou, he was often called White Socks.

Sign of the Wolf


Gamekeeper is the Groundskeeper on the family estate of Serpentbraid’s kinfolk family. His Get of Fenris kinfolk have lived near her Silver Fang family for centuries. He is actually less concerned about the estate grounds – which he delegates to kinfolk – than the vast woodlands of the estate used for hunting and fishing. He knows the land and its spirits very well.


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