Gjur Magnusson

Olav's Father


Gjur is a tall (six foot) blue eyed Swede. Trim and athletic when young with the looks of a matinee idol, Gjur is now a middle aged man of stern disposition but soft body. He still retains some strength in his limbs though. He has an awesome mustache though – just look at it.


Gjur Magnusson is the patriarch of the Magnusson family and a Swedish businessman living in Berlin. Gjur became concerned over Olav’s discipline problem at quite a young age. Olav constantly fought with other children and would run away. Since he had important business interests in Germany, Gjur moved the family to Berlin and sent Olav to a German military boarding school which he thought would teach Olav discipline. Instead, Olav was eventually expelled and ran away again.

Gjur has reluctantly accepted that Olav is a disturbed young man, perhaps mentally ill. Gjur and Olav have fought constantly over the years, and Olav’s continued defiance has deeply angered and hurt Gjur. Gjur has disowned his own son. He knows his daughter Ulla continues to see Olav and bring him certain comforts, but pretends he does not.

Gjur’s great shame is that he believes the Magnusson family is plagued by mental illness, something he never told his wife. Gjur’s own grandfather Sven was known to live as a wildman in the woods who abandoned his own wife, and there have been other stories concerning the extended clan. That he likely passed on the family illness to his only son pains Gjur heavily.

Gjur Magnusson

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