Reinhard Greenthumb

Grower of Roses


Greenthumb is a man in his fifties, yet still sprightly. He has keen eyes and a delicate touch.


Not all Garou are heroes, not even Get of Fenris. Many in the tribe regret that Greenthumb did not die during his Rite of Passage, or that they could have dropped him off at some other tribe’s caern. Greenthumb, in short, is a disappointment.

As can be guessed by his name, he is a gardener. A very good one in fact, a very, very good one. That by itself would mean nothing. But in the fifty some years Greenthumb has lived, he has never passed the Rank of Cliath. During his life younger Garou have lived and thrived reaching Adren, Athro, even Elder before dying a glorious death. Yet Greenthumb still lives.

Oh yes, he has plenty of Honor and Wisdom, but where is the Glory? A Galliard has certain expectations that can only be met on the battlefield, not a rose garden.

Nevertheless the Garou has his uses, and he has proven to be an excellent Keeper of the Land. Those areas of the Grunewald Forest held exclusively by the Garou are gorgeous. Greenthumb works closely with the kinfolk in the Forstschutzverband Berlin like Sophie von Poeltz. He is also serving as a Guardian, assisting the Caern Waerder and the Bone Gnawers of the Camp Followers pack. Maybe some day he will make Adren (Greenthumb has earned enough Honor and Wisdom, that once he has enough Glory he only needs to pass the appropriate Challenges, and he’ll advance to Fostern and then Adren).

Things have gotten quite better for him over the years. The more militant and ferocious Fenrir have left the Sept of the Green Wood for more combative septs. A Caern of Harmony of is still to be treasured and they would die to defend it if threatened, but that doesn’t mean they mean to live there.

Reinhard Greenthumb

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