Gregor Ritter Von Schatz

Patriarch of the Von Schatz


Gregor Ritter Von Schatz was the actual titled noble of the Von Schatz family. With the establishment of the German Republic, titles of nobility was abolished. The House of Schatz therefore became the Von Schatz family. Gregor as the last titled knight became Ritter von Schatz as his former hereditary title became a dependent part of his legal surname.

Gregor maintain a noble bearing and is tall and handsome. Among the Flock, he is considered to be the head of the Von Schatz family. In actuality, the Von Schatz is a kinfolk family, and Gregor is beholden to the true Garou of the Silver Fang tribe. As a minor pedigree of the Silver Fangs, Gregor is always looking for ways to bolster the family’s status. Otto von Schatz is his first cousin once removed.


As the future family patriarch, Gregor was initiated into the society of the Garou Nation at a young age. While the House of Schatz was merely a knight, it was of ancient pedigree in the Uradel and Gregor’s ancestors had fought under Henry the Fowler, Barbarossa, and Charles V among many others.

Gregor was present as a young adult when his cousin Otto’s Baptism of Fire confirmed he would undergo the Change. It was the first member of the family in several generations, and Gregor gave thanks that the blood still ran true.

Gregor feared his plans for Otto would come to naught when Otto decided to enlist in the Kaiserliche Marine, but the Oberleutnant zur See returned from his U-Boot service unharmed.

Gregor Ritter Von Schatz

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