Gretchen Blessed of the Sun

Silver Fang Truthcatcher


Gretchen Blessed of the Sun is not unattractive, but no great beauty. Her features are memorable, but not obviously attractive. She is of pale complexion and has freckles; her hair is reddish blonde. In doors she does not seem special, but in the broad day lit sun, her smile and demeanor seems enchanting.

Gretchen has a broad toothy grin, but she does not smile much among the Garou. She seems disenchanted with the Nation, yet she speaks loudly and proudly of the Litany. Despite her relative inexperience, she has seized the position of Truthcatcher of the Sept and conducts any hearings with the bearing of an inquisitor.

Sign of the Wolf
Banned Transformation (if Moon has not risen)


Gretchen Blessed of the Sun is a bastard among the Silver Fangs. Her unwed mother was not of the aristocracy, and her Garou father did not even bother to ensure the rite of Baptism of Fire was performed on her. Yet she bred true and assumed her place among the Silver Fangs. Treated with some suspicion among the tribe, she choose to join the Silverplate pack, the only Silver Fang still associated with that pack of ancient pedigree.

Gretchen Blessed of the Sun

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