Mother Hamster



Mother is an elderly woman with deep set wrinkles and rough skin; it is obvious to all she is someone used to hard work. Her thin hair is nevertheless plentiful, but pulled back in a tight bun. Her clothes are that of a peasant. Her eyes express curiosity. Her thin lips, disapproval.


Mother Hamster is a Bone Gnawer Theurge devoted to that cousin of Rat, the Hamster. Hamster is a hoarder who saves food for more lean times. Mother Hamster acts the same, although besides food she maintains various other caches around Berlin and Brandenburg that could prove useful. If the Battle Cry pack has a need for some item, Mother Hamster will no doubt find it and bring it back very quickly. She uses this talent and foresight to support the sept and the Silver Hunters pack as well.

Mother Hamster has earned enough Renown to achieve Athro rank, but has not yet passed the Challenge to achieve the rank.

Mother Hamster

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