Kinfolk Twin


Hedda is kinfolk twin sister to Hilde. Like her sister, Hedda has pale blonde hair and blue eyes. Although they are fraternal, not identical, twins, their looks are very similar at this age. She is far more stylish, cultured, and disciplined than her sister although she still loves to play outside with her. She is almost as athletic.


Hedda is in many ways the one the Von Hohenberg family had wished had Changed. Hilde and Hedda have always been together before the Change, and as a favor to the Von Hohenbergs, the Den Father allowed Hilde to stay with her sister during her tutelage as a cub. She seems to follow the Den Father’s lessons much better than Hilde. Hedda loves her sister very much, but even she knows she would have been a better choice as Garou. Sometimes Gaia works in mysterious ways,


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