Silver Fang Cub


Hilde is a young Slver Fang cub in her teenage years. Her twin sister, Hedda, did not change. Hilde has pale blonde hair and blue eyes. Her height reaches a few inches past five foot, but she is still growing. Her physical development is proceeding a bit faster than her mental as many ways she is still a child. She is a bit of a tomboy, very excitable, and still naive. Her athleticism is very noticeable. She finds being a Garou to be a wonderful experience, and her abilities as a wolf to be a great source of fun and wonder.

Pure Breed 3


Hilde is the newest Garou of a long line of Silver Fangs, the Von Hohenberg. Like many Silver Fangs families in the Brandenburg area, they hail from Potsdam. They are one of the lesser lineages of Silver Fangs and lack the pristine Pure Breed of their betters. The family knew of their history as breeding stock for the Garou, but their low Pure Breed meant no Silver Fangs sought them out for breeding. Both her parents were kinfolk.

Hilde had her rather uneventful First Change in late summer 1920. She was running along the woods of the Schlanitzsee at twilight when she suddenly turned into a wolf. The experience did confuse her, and she wandered about in lupus form for several days before her family found her. She recognized them, but once her parents discovered her, they quickly contacted the Silverplate pack and Gretchen Blessed-of-the-Sun coaxed her back to homid.

Since then she has stayed at Gleinecker Sanitarium where the Den Father can keep watch over her and instruct her. Hilde and her twin sister Hedda have been constant companions since birth, and Hilde insisted Hedda stay with her at the Glienecker estate. By all accounts, Hedda is a better student than Hilde. Alas, Hedda seems to have none of the wolf in her, and this disappoints her tremendously.


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