Wolf in Sheep's Clothing


Honeytongue is a petite young woman with blond hair and blue eyes. She has a wide smile, alluring eyes, and a charming personality. Like all members of the Donnerwetter pack, she is also ruthless and cynical although she hides it well under an exterior of good humor and sassy personality.

Honeytongue is well trained to appear in various guises. She knows enough to pose as someone from the aristocracy, Berlin society, criminal underworld, nightclubs, respectable middle class, and probably more.


Honeytongue was found by the Glasswalkers in Berlin after news reports surfaced of a “giant dog” prowling the Grosser Tiergarten in Berlin. They found her and claimed her after it turned out to be a frail 13 year old girl who underwent the First Change by herself.

The girl was from a poor family who frequently engaged in petty crime to obtain food for her family. After noticing her natural intelligence, acting talent, and beauty, Sinews of War took a direct interest in her and mentored her after her sessions with the sept Den Father.

Acting as her Pygmalion, Sinews of War instructed her to become an infiltrator for him among the Flock to ferret out the secret hiding places of the Wyrm. Even after she returned from her Rite of Passage, Sinews of War continued her tutelage and has only recently released her as his spy in Berlin.


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