Iron Shield

Sept Alpha and Grand Elder


Heinz Iron Shield appears as a vigorous middle age man of good breeding and manners. His white hair retains its body and health. Although he bears the burden of age, his skin remains taut and well muscled. His blue eyes retain better than 20/20 vision.

As a lupus, he appears as a magnificent white wolf whose agility and stamina remains undiminished.

Iron Shield possesses Pure Breed of 5 and the Gifts of Persuasion, Roll Over, Empathy, and Mastery. He is a calm and commanding presence, a natural leader for a Caern of Harmony.

Sign of the Wolf
Banned Transformation (if Moon has not risen)


Iron Shield is one of the few survivors of the original Rite of Caern Building in 1870 that established the Sept of the Green Wood. Then only just having performed his rite of passage, he gained great Renown defending the caern from Banes taking mcuh damage where he gained the deed name he has been known by ever since. In the next fifty years he has assiduously proved himself to his sept and tribal orders. When he left the position of Caern Warder to become sept leader and Grand Elder of the Council, it was something long expected.

Iron Shield was born among the homids of the Von Poeltz family, aristocrats long favored by the Hohenzollerns to serve as their foresters and rangers. Many of his kinfolk ancestors lead the royal family in their hunts in the Grunewald or Parforceheide.

Iron Shield is only the second leader the sept has ever known, and despite his age, he could easily live for several more decades. To the Garou of the Jaegermeister pack, he is a distant patriarch, not so much loved as admired. While there is something of an innate sense of intimidation about him, he paid particular attention to them when they were first brought to the sept as cubs where he seemed a kind man, even if busy.

Iron Shield

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