Pack Totem


This spirit avatar of the Stag incarana is the pack totem of the Jaegermeisters pack. It assumes the form of a magnificent roe deer buck. “Jaeger” is wild and masculine, exulting in his form and has the bearing of natural dominance.

Rage 2, Willpower 3, Gnosis 3 / Essence 8

Charms: Airt Sense (free), Reform (free)

Benefits: Stag’s packs may call upon an extra three Willpower points per Story, gain three dice to the Survival die pool, and one die to Stamina die pools for long distance running. Traits are given on a per turn basis, available to one pack member at a time determined by whoever holds that power. When play begins, this is Olav.

Each member gains three points of temporary Honor Renown. Fianna will be better disposed to them, and changelings and fae will honor them as well.

Bans: Children of Stag must always show respect for prey, performing Prayer for the Prey (a minor Rite) after a successful hunt. Children of Stag must always aide the fae.

If the pack is in good standing with their totem, they may find it easier to deal with spirits who part of Stag’s brood. Such spirits include:

  • Dawn (sunrise)
  • Grain (a spirit of alcohol)
  • The Hind (Stag’s daughter, a spirit of innocence)
  • Rabbit
  • The Brook (clear water)
  • Squirrel
  • Yale (a deer spirit that protects mystical places)
  • Black Stags (warrior spirits of the Wild Hunt)
  • Kelpies (sensuous water spirits – in Germany, these are better known as Nixies)
  • White Harts (special guides sent by Stag)

When the Jaegermeister pack first formed, the sept Master of Rite, the great Fenrir Theurge Redrune, performed the Rite of the Totem to beseech the Stag Incarna to adopt them as his children. Stag accepted and sent the jaggling Jaegerfuehrer to watch over the pack as his Totem Avatar.


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