Julius Von Ostan

Erwin's Cousin


Julius is a maternal cousin to Erwin von Geisthart being the eldest son of the brother to Erwin’s mother. He is the heir of the Von Ostan family. Considered suave and handsome, Julius is six feet tall with light brown hair and hazel eyes. He wears a thin moustache.


The Von Ostan family lived in West Prussia before the war, but are now refugees in Berlin with the family estate now in the hands of Polish nationalists although legal title still belongs to him. Julius was attempting to sell the old estate before he fled the area in fear of a Red Army victory at Warsaw in summer 1920. Julius is heir to whatever is left of the Von Ostan fortune. Julius served as a Captain in the infantry, primarily on the Eastern Front; although he would fight in France during Operation: Michael during the 1918 Spring Offensive.

Julius Von Ostan

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