Bone Gnawer Valet


Katzbalger is an aging peasant wearing patched clothes and muddy boots. He carriers a bulky jacket with him. He speaks plainly and dislikes rudeness. Although his smile can be wide and joyous, his eyes often bear sadness as if a great tragedy has befallen him.


Before the increase of urbanization in the 19th century, many Bone Gnawers and their kinfolk lived as serfs on the land, dependent on their Silver Fang lords. Katzbalger and his pack are one of the few remaining such Bone Gnawers. They have served their Silver Fang lords loyally. Katzbalger is an Ahroun, but he has always served the Silver Fangs as a companion in battle, aiding their heroes at the expense of his own reputation. He has gained glory and honor, but perhaps not as much as properly owed him.

Nowadays he and his pack reside in the Grunewald as Guardians of the caern. He advises and mentors the young Silver Fang lass Blood Paw. Although she holds the title and prestige of Warder, most Garou of the Sept view Katzbalger as the true Warder even if they don’t realize it themselves. He thus bears the respect and responsibility, if not the acknowledgement.


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