Kurt Kurzbein

Annelise's older brother


Kurt is in his middle twenties of average height and weight with dark hair and blue eyes. He has a passing resemblance to his sister, Annelise. He is intelligent, educated, and cultured. However, his clothes show noticeable wear and date from before the war.

Kurt a political moderate who supports the German Democratic Party (DDP), the party of middle class entrepreneurs, civil servants, teachers, scientists and craftsmen. It is considered to be social liberal, but it is also a devotedly national party and opposes the Treaty of Versailles. Its supporters emphasize the need for international collaboration and the protection of ethnic minorities. It is one of the key supporters of Germany’s current democratic, republican form of government.


Kurt is the older brother to Annelise. He is a war veteran who serve in the German 5th Division (recruited from Brandenburg). He fought at the Battle of Caporetto in 1917 which destroyed the Italian Second Army and was one of the great German victories of the war.

Although he loves his sister, he sided with his parents against her when she married below her station. He was deeply saddened though by her first husband’s sudden death from the Spanish Flu. He is much more bothered than they are by the age of her second husband, Gunther Rothaus.

He has great difficulty finding a good job despite his education, a not uncommon problem in the early 1920s for German men.

Kurt Kurzbein

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