Blooms at Midnight

Occult Poet and Pianist


Blooms at Midnight is a young, slender Silver Fang musician with golden blonde hair and blue-green eyes. She has delicate features and is a greatly skilled pianist. She is quite attractive although the Curse complicates her activities among the Flock where she has a reputation of an “Ice princess”

Banned Transformation (in presence of Wolfsbane)


Midnight is the second cousin to Serpentbraid who raised her like a mother after she underwent the First Change. Serpentbraid encouraged her to continue with her musical studies after the change because of her auspice. She is devoted to classical and romantic music with a keen emphasis on Germanic composers and those pieces rumored to have occult meanings.

Midnight has an excellent memory and took over the role of sept Talesinger when the Fenrir Galliard Flamebeard was slain by Banes during the Spanish Flu epidemic.

The sept knows she is involved in Germanic volkisch circles among the aristocracy.

Blooms at Midnight

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