Mina von Geisthart

Erwin's Sister


Wilhelmina von Geisthart is the younger sister of the Garou, Erwin von Geisthart. Blonde hair and blue eyed, she is a young beauty. Her personality can be distracting. At times she can be cold and regal while at other times deeply passionate and capricious. She has broken several hearts already despite her youth.


Mina is the youngest daughter of Alois von Geisthart. Her mother died in childbirth delivering her. When her older brother Erich disappeared on a hunting trip in 1912, it left her heartbroken for Eric has always been a source of joy and happiness in the otherwise dour Von Geisthart family. When her brother Erwin was reported dead on the Western Front, she briefly fell into despair. However, after some emotional trauma she embarked on a carefree existence. If life was always to be so filled with sorrow, she had decided she might as well enjoy whatever she could. Her father does not approve of this new attitude; just another reason to detest what the cultural Bolsheviks are doing to Germany if they could corrupt such a pure German lass.

Mina von Geisthart

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