Erich Oathbringer

Den Father


Erich Oathbringer is an elderly man with a balding pate. His lack of Pure Breeding shows, but such is expected from a Glasswalker. Erich has a PhD in Psychiatry and is a contemporary to both Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, both of whom he corresponds with. He is a contemporary of another Garou psychiatrist, the controversial Leopold Valkenburg, a Swiss Stargazer who seeks to help Lunatics recover.

Erich is generally a kindly man who nevertheless can be a strict disciplinarian whenever his rules are violated. Lost Cubs tend to appreciate his treatment of them as adults, while younger children affectionately call him “uncle”. He does not do well with the more rebellious teenagers burning with Rage, but he finds them fascinating.

Erich is a master of Enigmas and have invented his own cipher with which he records his notes in regards to his research into the Garou psyche. He is fond of riddles and word play. While his pack’s totem is Unicorn, no doubt he would prefer the Chimera spirit.


Erich was born in the Rhineland and came to Berlin fairly late in life to establish a secret clinic to help Garou suffering from any manner of maladies such as Harano or dealing with the aftereffects of falling into the Thrall of the Wyrm. Most of his research is into the nature of Rage in its positive and negative aspects.

He became a member of the renowned Silverplate pack which took its mission as the protection of kinfolk (particularly Silver Fang kinfolk) from abduction by the Black Spiral Dancers or anything else that would menace them. As pack members passed on, the Glasswalker inherited the the position of pack alpha and reoriented the pack to his conception of protection of Garou and kinfolk.

Erich Oathbringer now serves as Den Father to the Sept of the Greenwood, a position he is well suited for. He likely instructed the PCs when they were cubs. However, many Silver Fangs are scandalized by his leadership of what had traditionally been a heritage of the Silver Fangs.

Erich Oathbringer

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