Alois von Geisthart

Erwin's Father


Alois von Geisthart is a tall Prussian officer with dark hair and blue eyes. He seems hard and determined without much empathy, but there is a keen intelligence that gleams from his eyes. When he looks upon you, he looks like he is disappointed and expected better.


Alois von Geisthart is a Prussian Junker and father to the Garou, Erwin von Geisthart. Alois was a stern disciplinarian and career military officer who first saw combat as part of the German diplomatic legation at Peiking during the Boxer Rebellion. Alois was a skilled solider and politically active, but somewhat of a martinet. He doted on his eldest son Erich, but was cool to his youngest son, Erwin.

The disappearance and likely death of Eric in 1912 seemed to kill what left of his compassion. He fought bravely on the Eastern Front during the Great War and occupied part of the Ukraine after the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk. He was proud of Erwin’s aerial exploits on the Western Front which he accredited to the memory of his oldest son inspiring Erwin. When he heard Erwin had died in combat, he finally showed emotion and pride at his achievements which he never did while alive.

When Erwin returned alive after the war, Alois was shocked since the French had never reported him as a prisoner of war. Since then Alois has not known how to react – ashamed that Erwin did not die a heroic death as he believed, or relieved that his son has returned home. In the meantime, their troublesome relationship continues.

Since the Kaiser’s abdication, Alois has formed the Freikorps Geisthart, a right-wing paramilitary formation mostly made up of war veterans. He helped put down the Spartakist League in 1919. The Freikorps Geisthart was active in southern Brandenburg and Silesia putting down Marxist agitators and Polish nationalists. Alois participated in the Kapp Putsch, but after its failure the Freikorps was officially “disbanded”.

In actuality, Alois and his men joined the Stahlhelm, a fraternal organization of veterans of the Great War and unofficial members of the army reserves, the so-called “Black Reichswehr”. As a prominent member of the Stahlhelm, the Landbund (an organization of wealthy agricultural landowners), and the DNVP (German National People’s Party, a right wing political party), Alois remains an important political figure in local politics.

Alois von Geisthart

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