Olav Magnusson

Large feral and unstable



Olav is unstable to say the least. That coupled with his large physique makes a dangerous combination to those around him. The few people he interacts with describe him as “feral” or “savage.”

Olav has always found himself surrounded by conflict and strife from the beginning, usually brought upon by his own actions. His temper has always made things difficult for his family. Olav would constantly get into fights growing up and would run away from home often. His father Gjur moved the family from Oslo to Berlin to enroll Olav in a military boarding school, but not even that could contain his temper. Gjur has since disowned Olav, but his sister Ulla still considers him to be “misunderstood” and occasionally visits him woods. His life is almost exclusively in the woods, far from anyone. He rarely spends time with other people, as prolonged contact invariably leads to trouble.

The Garou are the first group which has truly accepted Olav. He is still learning what it means to be a part of a sept and pack, but the “visions” of his ancestor Sven and the great bear Bj√∂rn help to guide him. He is headstrong and will push issues to assert himself, even against those of higher rank.

Olav is inspired by the half-crazed teachings of Skullcrusher, despite misunderstanding the true meaning of everything the elder Ahroun says to him.

Olav Magnusson

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