Fenrir Theurge & Master of Rite


Redrune is a female Get of Fenrish Theurge in her mid thirties, but she possesses one of those faces that seem to age slower than most, so she appears to be a decade younger. She has light brown hair in long wavy tresses and blue eyes. Some have used “ethereal” to describe her, and she is somewhat prone to bouts of delirium and staring into the Umbra.

Redrune typically wears simple dresses and clothes, dressware that is feminine, but utilitarian – something easily discarded should the need to change forms arise. As a result she can seem to be something of a simple farmer’s daughter when spotted in the Grunewald. Redrune prefers clothes that cover up most of her body since she bears many self-inflicted scars where carved Germanic runes into her flesh after her talks with spirits, the origin of her name among Garou.

Redrune has the reputation of a volva among the sept. Although she seldom fights physically, she aids her packmates win battle through her skill in the spirit world. It is said she met the Great Wolf Fenris himself during her First Change, and when needed speaks with his voice in screams of anguish, blood, and death.


Redrune had her First Change when some youths attempted to ambush her; however instead of killing the boys instead she entered the Umbra. There a wolf spirit quickly asserted dominance over her and told her of the ways of the Garou and of the tribe of the Get of Fenris. Ever since, she has been devoted to her tribe’s Totem.

Redrune has spent most of her time in the Umbra, testing her strength there against the spirits. She has mastered many ways of compelling spirits to aid her even if it means paying the blood price, which she has done many times. As a result, many spirits will help her when asked. As a result, this frail women is one of the most feared Garou in the entire sept.

Seeing her potential, the Silver Fang Ahroun Iron Shield recruited her to be his packmate, and she has risen quickly in the sept hierarchy to be its Master of Rite. As a result, she is well known to the Jaegermeister pack as both someone who taught them of the spirits as cubs and as the one who performed their Rite of the Totem.


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