Garou Ingenue


Ringwearer is a blonde, green eyed ingenue. Karla von Kesselstein (nee Hvorslev) is half German and half Danish, hailing from the Standing Stones Sept in Denmark that is exclusively Silver Fang. Although of average height, her long legs leads many to describe her as statuesque. She wears the most up to date fashions, and is known to carry silver jewelry.

Karla carries herself well. She is an obvious aristocrat, but has a popular touch.


Ringwearer just completed her Rite of Passage in 1920, but was long tutored since her First Change at the age of fourteen. Fearing that events in Germany were spiraling out of control, the Danish Silver Fangs thought it best to strengthen ties with the German Garou. Her Garou relatives made alliance with the Fenrir pack of Rathaus. In the eyes of the Flock, there would be an arrange marriage between Alegiver and Ringwearer (hence her name) although in actuality it is mere pretense. Both Garou will mate with whatever kinfolk they wish. Ringwearer is quite glad as her “husband” is some forty years her senior.

The Silver Fangs are unsure how an aritocracy can be kept in a Republic, but good families should continue to do well. Among the most important aspects of her mission is to look out for the kinfolk bloodlines and make sure democratization does not ruin them.


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