Gunther Rothaus

Annaliese's Husband


Gunther Rothaus is a bespectacled man in his early fifties. His body and mind are still very sharp, and is a very fit man for his age. He has a rough, but respectable demeanor. Gunther teaches mathematics at a local gymnasium (in Germany, a gymnasium is a form of preparatory school to prepare students for university, not an athletics facility) in Spandau. Gunther is a kinfolk of the Get of Fenris.

Gunther is forthright, honest, and upstanding. He can be something of a nut at times, but that is often the case with true believers. While sometimes odd to human society, Gunther fits in well with Garou society. Gunther is a right wing nationalist of the blood and soil kind, and distraught by the collapse of the monarchy. However, he detests the anti-Semitism of the far right as vulgar.

Gunther is a highly intelligent and skilled man with strong knowledge of mathematics and engineering. He is skilled with a rifle and a capable hunter and wilderness explorer. These skills have occasionally come in handy to the local Garou, as have Gunther’s local prestige and respect as a school teacher and army veteran.


Gunther was raised within the Garou faith and sworn to keep the Nation secret. Although he would never change himself, at age ten he was made witness to a summoning of a wolf spirit after the young Gunther showed exceptional bravery in a fight with other kids. The still bleeding boy was pounced on by the spirit who briefly played with him like a wolf cub before departing. His maternal uncle, the great Fenris Ahroun who would became famed as Skullcrusher, liked what he saw in the boy. Ever since, he has been an initiate in the great mysteries of Fenris a devoted follower to those who defend the Earth Mother. As a result, Gunther became attracted to the various volkisch movements of the late 19th century, but only participated in those that fit with the Gaian philosophies he knew to be true.

Gunther excelled in school, and when he entered the Kaiser’s army he became a military engineer with the rank of captain. After a decade’s worth of service, he was discharged and served in the reserves, the Landsturm. He became a teacher of mathematics and involved as a local leader of the German Youth Movement leading his students on wilderness hikes. Gunther had married young to another kinfolk, but had no children. His wife Lotte died from cancer before the Great War had begun. When the war started, he was mobilized and served throughout the entirety of the war.

After the war ended, Gunther returned home and resumed his teaching job. He thought the rest of his life would be without excitement. However, he was unexpectedly asked by his uncle to attend a meeting of tribal Garou and kinfolk at the Maison am Havel. He wanted him to meet a young Garou female who was looking for an appropriate mate.

Although honored, Gunther was also concerned. Kinfolk mates to Garou were not always treated well. Gunther was surprised at Anna’s appearance and low key demeanor, and her obvious intelligence. There was an early embarrassment as Anna initially thought Gunther must be the father of Skullcrusher’s “young nephew”, but strangely seemed OK with mating with the much older man.

They saw each other several other times, and Anna pronounced him as a good match. The two then went about introducing each other to their friends and families the next few months before officially registering with a civil marriage in human society, and a more religious ceremony at the sept. Although the age difference seems odd to some, there is a noticeable lack of young bachelors within Germany with almost three million war casualties and another 400,000 dead from the Spanish Flu.

There is a notable lack of passion in the marriage. Gunther and Anneliese seem more like friends or an old married couple rather than newlyweds, although Anna is quite open about her wish to conceive.

Gunther Rothaus

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