Friedrich Schlegel

Annelise's Brother-in-law


Friedrich Schlegel is a thirty some year old farmer. Still young and vigorous, but his face and arms are just beginning to show the tough life of a farmer. Friedrich is married and has three children. The farm was being run down while he served in the Kaiser’s army, but he is slowly making it recover now that he is back.

Friedrich greatly loved his younger brother, Georg, and was delighted with his war bride, a bright young woman named Annelise. With his brother’s death from the Spanish Flu, Friedrich and his wife have welcomed Annelise as the sister he never had, and Annelise can count upon him for various favors. He worried much about Annelise’s future without a husband.

Friedrich wishes he could worry less now that Annelise is married, but is concerned at the advanced age of Annelise’s new husband, Gunther Rothaus. He is so unlike his brother that he wonders what Annelise sees in him. Friedrich keeps these thoughts to himself and would never reproach Annelise. She will always be his younger brother’s newlywed bride in his eyes, and he wants her to have whatever happiness she can find. Life in postwar Germany is hard enough as it is.


Friedrich Schlegel was the oldest brother of a Brandenburg farming family. It was always expected he would continue to run the farm once his father passed away. Obedient and responsible, he managed the farm well until he joined the Imperial Army in 1916. He served well on the front lines in both the Eastern and Western fronts, but was glad when he and his younger brother returned home safely.

With his brother’s death, Friedrich has taken it upon himself to look after his brother’s widow whom he cherishes as a sister.

Friedrich Schlegel

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