Shield Daughter



Shield Daughter is a petite Garou, still in her mid teens although she has worked hard in the short years of her life and acts more like a mature woman in many ways. She dresses austerely out of habit, but she is developing a taste for some finer things after seeing life in the big city. She has blue eyes and brunette hair.


Shield Daughter was born of poor peasant stock. As the men left the village to serve in the ranks of the Kaiser’s Army, she worked in the fields. When she underwent her First Change, the nearby Bone Gnawers were loyal servants of the Silver Fangs and placed her with the Battle Cry pack. For the past several years, she has served loyally, if uneventfully guarding the caern.

She is finding life as a Garou very boring and is a bit envious of the excitement some of the other packs are performing. She is also growing resentful of some of the more obstreperous Garou, particularly the Silver Fangs. However, the Glass Walkers of Donnerwetter and many Fenrir also irritate her with their bullying and braggart ways.

Shield Daughter

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