Caller of the Wyld


Serpentbraid is a middle aged woman. Her matronly figure does not hide that she was once an attractive young woman. Her golden hair is slowly fading to silver. She dresses elegantly, but simply. Although of short stature, she carries herself as a woman used to having her way. She has a natural dominance about her, yet preserves her femininity.

Banned Transformation (in presence of Wolfsbane)


Serpentbraid is the pack alpha of the Herrenbode pack. Unlike the other Silver Fangs of the Sept of the Green Wood, her family is part of Clan Crescent Moon. Although long Germanized in culture, her family has preserved the blood of the ancient Slavs who inhabited the Nordmark, the pagan Wends. She and her pack live off the lands of her aristocratic Kinfolk family estate in the Spreewald southeast of Berlin.

The area was once part of the old Lusatian Protectorate before their caern near Cottbus was lost by open pit lignite mining in the 1890s. Once that happened, the sept broke up. Most started attenting the caern at the Silesian Protectorate to the southeast, but Herrenbode chose to attend the caern at Berlin.

Serpentbraid is well respected, and she has been able to take several lesser important sept offices for her and her pack members. Herrenbode is mostly interested in occult affairs, but nevertheless the Silver Fangs of House Gleaming Eye suspect she hopes to take control of the caern.


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