Sinews of War

Glass Walker Elder


Sinews of War is a middle aged man whose eyes betray an intensity and strength. Distinguished and forceful, he portrays a natural dominance. When he speaks, people listen.


Sinews of War is the alpha of the Donnerwetter pack and leader of the Glasswalker tribe in Berlin. The Garou of the Sept of the Green Wood consider that all of Berlin to be his territory, and if the Bone Gnawers disagree, that is to be their problem. Sinews controls the private bank of Hauck & Donner and effectively bank rolls most of the sept’s activities. His natural intelligence and leadership should mark him as sept alpha, but he knows full well that the other Garou would never accept a Glasswalker as such. Instead, he seeks to establish his protege, Strong Counsel, within the sept so that years from now, the pack will inherit the sept leadership after years of acceptance.

Donnerwetter is a pack devoted to Grandfather Thunder, and few Shadow Lords have learned his lessons as well as Sinews of War has. He treats most Garou with thinly veiled contempt, but few would ever challenge him because of it.

Sinews of War

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