Decrepit Ahroun


Skullcrusher is an ancient warrior dreaming of his past glories. His balding pate and partial dementia indicates someone in the dotage of his years. The Garou of the sept expect to perform the Rite of the Winter Wolf on him soon.

At times his height and demeanor remind people of the warrior he must have been like. Skullcrusher was never known for his kindness during his active years, but since retiring as an Old One, he has become a favorite of the cubs and especially any children. He enjoys regaling them with the stories of his past adventures and the legends of the Garou.

Skullcrusher seems especially fond of Olav and tries to pass on fatherly advice and admonishments, only to come out as cryptic nonsense that only sometimes make sense after the fact.


Skullcrusher was a former Caern Warder and one of the heroes of the sept when it first formed. He was middle aged by then, but still in his prime as a Garou. Skullcrusher would earn much Glory, but his prone to frenzy would prevent him from achieving the Rank of Elder.

A raider and a reaver, before he settled down as Caern Warder, Skullcrusher would travel via Moon Bridges around the world engaging in great heroics or infamous crimes depending on what Garou tribe you’d ask.

As the last member of his pack, Skullcrusher finally retired as an Old One to rest his weary bones and give the gift of his hard earned wisdom. He now lives in permanent residence at the Maison am Havel eating his blood sausage, asaparagus, and spaetzle along with copious amounts of beer.


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