Sonja Goldenhair

Garou Coquette


Sonja is a very attractive blonde woman in her early twenties. If she likes a man, she makes it very obvious that she does even Garou. Although no proof has ever been found, some of the elder Garou traditionalists believe there are male Garou who have violated the Litany with her, but they don’t know who to accuse.


Sonja’s kinfolk is from Bone Gnawer stock from the same Prussian peasants that lived as serfs to the Silver Fangs for centuries. However, her family moved to the city to escape farm life and worked in the factories of Berlin. When Sonja was born, the tribe performed the rite of Baptism by Fire, and to her family’s regret their daughter was marked as one of the Garou. They had hoped to escape the servitude to the Garou Nation.

When Sonja had her First Change, the Bone Gnawers were ready and helped her through it. For her Rite of Passage, experienced Bone Gnawers sent her to the Ruhr where upon she quickly abandoned any interest in returning to Berlin. Nevertheless, she survived, and for the Bone Gnawers that was enough. She lived on the streets in the Ruhr for a while before she met Erich Oathbringer who took her under his wing. She relied on her Rage for self defense, but her lack of discipline put her in continued danger of frenzy. Erich considered it his duty to help her fight the Beast lest the Wyrm consume her.

Sonja was not interested in fighting the Wyrm or serving the Nation. However, when Erich decided he wanted to open his clinic for Garou in Berlin, Sonja came with him. Sonja is hanger on at the Glienecker Sanitarium. She is not truly part of the Silverplate pack, but is heavily associated with it. She does help on occassion with the cubs, but not too much. Instead, she spends most of her time on the prowl in a different kind of hunt. Despite her issues, the wolf is strong in her, and she sublimates it with a very strong sex drive.

With her kinfolk from a village that obeys the Silver Fangs, and her membership in Silverplate, Sonja is allowed to attend the caern at the Sept of the Green Wood. She rarely does however unless prodded by Erich.

Sonja Goldenhair

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