Wild Boar Spirit


Stomper is a fierce boar spirit, and has has rusty brown fur and light green eyes. He is the god of the local boar of the forests around Berlin.

Stomper has higher Rage than is usual even for a Boar spirit. He is always looking for a fight, and even Garou must be careful if they approach this spirit.

Stomper is protective of other woodland spirits though, particularly the less intelligent Gafflings. He is rival to Lord Thicket and considers Stag to be cowardly.


Stomper has roamed the woods of Brandenburg since at least the Middle Ages. It is possible he was originally a pack totem of the local Fenrir who continued to visit the local Penumbra after his pack disappeared.

Stomper is very ornery and seems to dislike many Garou; the only exception are Garou whose pack totem is Boar like the Silberjaeger pack of the Sept of the Green Wood.


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