Strong Counsel

Master of Challenge & Sept Beta


Short and thin for a Garou, Franz Leopold Morgen would be unassuming except for his stoic, deadpan expression. Nevertheless, he creates the most unease of all the Garou in a caern of harmony. His eyes betray little emotion except anger, but only when he wishes the object of his scorn to know his disapproval. He is widely seen as the most intelligent, cunning, and ruthless of the sept’s Garou. He is a master politician with an eye for human and lupine weakness. His rulings and decisions as the sept’s Master of Challenge are seen as fair and often insightful and brilliant.

Yet none of the Glasswalkers of the Donnerwetter pack are entirely trusted. His devotion to his pack totem, Grandfather Thunder, would place him among the most fanatic Shadow Lords.


Franz Leopold Morgen was born to Glasswalker kinfolk, the Morgen family being long aware of their real heritage. He adjusted quickly, and became the protege of the Glasswalker elder Sinews-of-War of the Donnerwetter pack. Under the patronage of Grandfather Thunder, the pack is perhaps the most effective of all Garou in the protectorate.

Franz Leopold returned to human society and obtained his JD, and entered a kinfolk legal firm and quickyl established a reputation as an important lawyer in Berlin. He has honed his negotiation skills, rhetoric, and command of the law to succeed in both the courtroom and the Umbra among the spirits. Nevertheless, he now no longer practices openly. As far as the outside world, he now only handles one client exclusively – the Bankhaus Hauck & Donner.

Like many Garou whose homid forms are integrated with human society, Franz Leopold enlisted in the Imperial German Army during the Great War. He received an officer’s commission and worked with the army staff in Berlin, and thereby was able to continue his activities with the sept. He thus avoided front line duty.

The Glasswalkers of Donnerwetter have never seen fit to accept being second to anyone. Originally denied membership of the sept, they were instrumental in its salvation twenty years ago by marshaling public opinion of the Flock. They have used their money and influence to protect the Bawn. They have forced other Garou of the sept to acknowledge all of Berlin as being their sole territory. When Sinews-of-War realized he could never be truly accepted as sept leader, he put his efforts in establishing Strong Counsel in an important sept position. Everyone knows the Glasswalkers intend him to take over the sept once Iron Shield passes the way.

Strong Counsel

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