Sven Magnusson

Ancestor Spirit


Sven is never seen except in Olav’s visions. He is an old man with blue eyes and long, scraggly white hair. He wears the pelt of a bear that covers his head, shoulders, and torso. The smell of damp earth accompanies him. His voice is deep and with authority; it is a voice that could command the spirits… and does.


Sven is a prominent Ancestor Spirit encountered by Olav in his ancestral memory. Sven acts as a psychopomp and spirit guide to Olav, conducting him through history and the collective unconscious of the Garou. Sven most often appears when Olav has unintended visions, showing Olav what has transpired. Despite this, if Olav wishes to contact Sven, it is just as difficult for him as any other specific ancestor.

Sven is the direct ancestor of Olav, his great grandfather along his paternal line. He was a Get of Fenris Theurge in a pack dedicated to Bear. Although Sven’s pack was from Sweden, he traveled all over northern Europe, and via Moon Bridges even farther out.

Sven Magnusson

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