Tobias Speaks the Word

Wandering Galliard


Tobias Speaks-the-Word is an immense man over six and a half feet tall with a noticeable belly despite his youth. He would give the image of a Falstaffian figure except his immense pride would prevent him from accepting the role of a fool. Despite his big size and strength, Tobias views himself as an intellectual, a warrior poet for a less civilized age.

Tobias is originally from Bavaria, and his mannerisms and dialect are distinct from the other German Garou around Berlin.

Many Get of Fenris believe Tobias is marked for greatness. He bears a Pure Breed in addition to his physical prowess and keen intellect. His true weakness is his pride and a self-confidence that becomes hubris.

Sign of the Wolf


Tobias was kidnapped after his First Change. Despite the trauma, he rejoiced in being a Garou. He had never been like the other kids. Big, strong, and intelligent, he was naturally domineering. But the beginnings of the Curse only made him an object of ridicule, envy, and suspicion. His introduction to Garou society was thus a welcome change.

Soon after the change, the local Garou fostered Tobias with a kinfolk family in the know to better acclimate him to Garou society. Tobias identifies strongly with both the Garou Nation and his tribe. He became fascinated with Garou culture and legends, and his sept allowed to him visit other septs (under supervision) to learn how they were different. They had marked him as someone special.

It was while he was visiting Berlin that he struck up his odd friendship with Karl Hoffman, soon to be known as Dragongold. The two completed their rite of passage together and bonded. Afterwards, Karl returned to society among the Flock and eventually entered the Great War. Tobias dropped out of human society and concentrated on learning the detailed minutiae of Garou lore. He is known to have mastered several different renderings of the Litany, and can recite it as the equal to any Fianna.

Although theoretically based in the Sept of the Green Wood through his only packmate Dragongold, Tobias spends most of his time visiting various Get of Fenris septs learning their local lore and traditions.

Tobias Speaks the Word

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