Ulla Magnusson

Olav's Sister


Ulla is an attractive Swedish woman in her early twenties. She has blonde hair and blue eyes, a typical Nordic beauty. Despite her conservative nature, she is a modern woman and adopts the newest fashions. She speaks fluent German with only a slight Swedish accent.


Ulla is Olav’s sister. Unaffected by the Curse, she is very sympathetic to her brother whom she feels needs help, and that others unjustly fear him. She knows Olav has problems, but feels he would not really hurt anyone.

Knowing the Olav will likely never fit into society and hold down a real job, she tries to help him by delivering food and other necessities to him. She does not know the reason the charming U-Boot officer Otto von Schatz is looking after her brother, but she is appreciative nonetheless. Olav has so very few friends.

Ulla Magnusson

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