Viktor Kaufmann

Medical doctor


Herr Doktor Viktor Kaufmann is an elderly medical physician serving the communities of the Teltow. He looks distinguished with his white hair and beard, but his clothes are often disarrayed and tattered – he is a man deeply engaged in the world. He practices from an office in one of the smaller villages just outside Juterborg, but makes frequent house visits to the smaller villages.

Doctor Kaufmann cares deeply for his patients, but he is moody, irritable, and not good with people. He greatly values the help Annelise has provided him and relies on her greatly, knowing she is much more empathic than he is. He also values her medical knowledge and trusts her to a much greater degree than other nurses he has worked with.


Doctor Kaufmann served in the war to care for the wounded. He did not meet Annelise then, but only after her move to the Berlin area when she returned to her vocation as a nurse after her husband’s death. Dr Kaufmann actually met Annelise while trying to help her husband, and his inability to save him (among many others) greatly saddened him. That Annelise was able to put away her sorrows so quickly and end up assisting him with other patients has impressed him incredibly.

Viktor Kaufmann

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