Old Whiskers

Caern Totem


Old Whiskers is the Caern Totem of the Sept of the Greenwood. A powerful fish spirit, Old Whiskers is wise and master of the deep waters. The local Garou also call him the Lord of the Havel and Spree, referencing the two rivers which intersect in Berlin. It assumes the form of an immense Wels Catfish, usually bigger than any Garou in Crinos form.

Old Whiskers is a master of movement and change, fertility, abundance, harmony, regeneration and love. He teaches his children adaptability by teaching them how to go with the flow of the waters, but not be mastered by it. Fish reproduce themselves easily, therefore he is a spirit of life. As a lord of the waters, he navigates the deep subconscious and reveals the hidden fears and deepest desires all have.

Garou tend to dislike water and use major water bodies as boundaries for their protectorates. Old Whiskers teaches them their use as means of transportation and how they bring people together. It unsettles the Garou, but that is part of being a Totem of Wisdom.


Old Whiskers

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