White Crow

Garou Crone


White Crow is a doddering old woman in her eighties with stringy grey hair and wrinkled, mottled skin. Her eyes are partially glazed, and her skin is riddled with liver spots. She stands stooped and partially hunched. No one has seen her in lupus form for many years, and it is commonly believed her Rage has been burned out of her and she has lost the wolf.

White Crow’s mind still appears sharp, and it is probably the only reason the sept has not pushed her to move on. She still knows many things that may prove useful. White Crow was also one of the Garou who performed the original Rite of Caern Building in 1870 that established the sept as well as the Master of the Rite until Redrune took over. As a result, many of the sept’s leaders still retain an affection for her, and hope she will move before them to initiate the Rite of the Winter Wolf.

Sign of the Wolf


The life of White Crow is practically the life of the Nordmark Protectorate both before and after the establishment of the caern and sept. She has always been one of the more practical Theurges and served under the Lodge of the Sun and utilized her mastery of the Umbra to more mundane, if important, ends.

Long one of the important leaders of the sept, she retired fairly quickly after the Glass Walkers were allowed access to the caern, something she still sees as a mistake. She has a visceral dislike of the Bone Gnawers as Garou who have betrayed their heritage and no longer respect their betters. Their rumored involvement in the Bolshevik revolution in Russia that destroyed the Russian aristocracy is all she needed to become convinced the Bone Gnawers intend to destroy the Garou Nation.

However, in her years of dotage, she has kept her political opinions quiet. She is rarely listened to anymore even when she can make her voice known at moots. She understands she is kept around only because younger, more abler Garou still value her other knowledge and expertise. She bears this burden well; after all it is expected.

White Crow

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