Wild Crane

Female Berserker


Wild Crane would be considered attractive if not for her overly tall height for a woman and ungainly arms and legs. Often dressing in male fashions, Wild Crane takes on exaggerated male demeanor; a “tough guy”. However, she is kind to children and treats other women as kid sisters needing her protection. She often skoffs at typical feminine behavior and vanity, but it does not take too sharp an eye to see she has those impulses as well. Wild Crane has jet black hair and brown eyes.


By the time of her First Change, Wild Crane was well over six foot, and every boy her age in her village was several inches shorter at least. Although rarely made fun of her to her face, it socially isolated her. While the other girls her age were having their first romances and crushes, she remained alone at home. The burgeoning Curse did not help either. She was initially horrified by the transformation, but quickly learned to love Garou society which accepted her and even rejoiced at her prowess and demeanor.

Since then, Wild Crane has taken on the Garou’s cause as her own. She is able to convert any of her past humiliation, shame, or anger into destroying creatures of the Wyrm.

In short time, Wild Crane has risen to be indispensable to Alegiver, and is his right hand Garou. When he needs an obstacle destroyed, he knows he can rely on her.

Wild Crane

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